Female college students Zhou Xin venture to sell bread to earn tens of millions of wealth

if you graduate from college, if you are a girl, what would you choose to do after you leave school? Plus, you are a beautiful girl, then you choose to find a stable job after graduation, or start their own business? If it is their own business, then you will choose to engage in what kind of career? Would you choose to sell steamed bread? Here, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce a female college students to start selling bread case, to see if there are some people help entrepreneurship.

curls into a sanitary cap, 28 year old Zhou Xin put on work clothes at once like a Steamed Buns "old expert", "this is a long fermentation time." "the steaming heat point"…… In front of a row of new research and development of new models of steamed bread, she looked at the eye can be a problem.

5 years ago, she gave up on the radio when the anchor of the opportunity to build their own creative Steamed Buns Steamed Buns Kingdom — from organic vegetables extracts made healthy and beautiful, less than 3 years, annual sales of over ten million yuan. She expects the next two years, the annual output value of the new plant will be billions of dollars.

"I think this is the right direction, I never thought I’d lose!" Speaking at the beginning of the resignation of entrepreneurship, the eyes of this tall, fair skinned girl, the eyes of the peers beyond the firm and mature.

boss Zhou graduated from the University of steamed bread company

high school started school life Zhou Xin, has been the eyes of parents "sounds like" children: choose a boarding high school, chose the Tianjin Normal University in the professional broadcasting, and give up their own stable jobs to start.

, "my dad used to move the kitchen knife for me." Zhou bielebiezui. Father did not know, when he was at college, his daughter is the mouth of the students, Zhou boss.

when other college students are still a day or two in front of the classroom and dormitory, Zhou boss has opened 4 of their own jewelry chain stores, several colleges and universities throughout Tianjin.

Why is

called a chain store? I had the idea to create their own brand, from the south to purchase all the jewelry, are affixed to my own brand label design, 4 stores are my own uniform publicity posters." She said with a smile, planing to rent and hire money, she can earn twenty thousand or thirty thousand yuan a month at college.

university tuition fees, living expenses, Zhou boss are earned, not only that, she also saved a lot of money.

graduation that year, learn to broadcast a week to the Tianjin people’s radio broadcasting economic practice. In the meantime a chance